Consolidated School Corporation

AHERA Management Plan

July 2021

The following communication is regarding Asbestos and Pest Management:

Annual Asbestos Notification for Staff and Building Occupants 2020-2021

School Year Under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1986, the New Albany – Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation (NAFCS) is required to annually notify all school building employees, building occupants, or their legal guardians of the availability and location of the Asbestos Management Plan(s) and of any post-response action activities, including periodic re-inspection and surveillance activities, that are planned or in progress.

We are happy to report that all our schools and their associated support facilities have been thoroughly inspected and are continually monitored for any potential asbestos relative conflicts that may arise due to maintenance or construction operations.

However, state and federal law requires that we notify you annually that we maintain an Asbestos Management Plan for each building within our system. The AHERA Management Plan(s) is /are available for public review in the office of your school and at the NAFCS Facilities Office. You are welcome to inspect and copy these plans during normal business hours. A reasonable charge will be made for the requested copies of the Management Plan(s). If you have any questions about our asbestos program, please call Bill Wiseheart, Director of Facilities, at 812-542-2178 for further information.

Integrated Pest Management

New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation has implemented an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for controlling insects, rodents, and weeds The IPM approach focuses on making the school buildings and grounds an unfavorable place for pests to live and breed. Through maintenance and cleaning, we will reduce or eliminate available food and water sources and hiding places for the pests. We will use baits rather than chemicals to control pests. We will also routinely monitor the school area to detect pest problems and prevent the pests from becoming established.

From time to time, it may be necessary to use chemicals to control a pest problem. Chemicals will only be used when necessary, and will not be routinely applied. When chemicals must be used, the school will try to use the least toxic products when possible. Access to treated areas will be secured against unauthorized access for the period specified on the pesticide label. Notices will be posted at application sites and will remain there until the posted safe re-entry time is met. For your information, we have a list of pesticides and material safety and data sheets (MSDS) that may be used in the school this school year. This list may be obtained by contacting the Facilities Office at 812-542-2178.

You may request prior notification of specific pesticide applications made at the school. To receive notification, you must be placed on the notification registry. The registrants will be notified at least 72 hours before a pesticide is applied. If a chemical application must be made to control an emergency pest problem, notice will be provided as soon as possible after the application. Exemptions to this notification include cleaners (disinfectants), pesticides formulated as baits or gels, and any EPA-exempt pesticide. If you would like to be placed on this registry, please email and include your name, the name of your child, the child’s student ID number, and school. If you do not have email, or if you have any questions, please contact the Facilities Office at 812-542-2178.

Bill Wiseheart

Director of Facilities

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