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NAHS Teacher Named Top 25 Finalist for IDOE Teacher of the Year

We’re thrilled to say that New Albany High School Teacher, Charmaine Corrie is a Top 25 Finalist for Indiana Department of Education’s Teacher of the Year!

According to the IDOE website, “The Indiana Teachers of the Year (INTOYs) are the voice of education throughout Indiana and the Nation. The INTOY award is a lifetime role in education, which has many opportunities to celebrate teaching and uplift the teaching profession. INTOYs are comprised of a network of exceptional teachers whom are now retired educators, administrators, college professors, and teacher leaders that continually provide support to the education community.”

It is an honor for her to be nominated and we wish her the best of luck as the program continues! Mrs. Corrie was named NAFCS Teacher of the year last school year, and we are so grateful to have her here in our corporation.

For a look inside her classroom and career, take a look at our feature from when she was awarded NAFCS Teacher of the Year back in the Spring:


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