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Please read all directions on this page before clicking on the bus routing link below:

You may access bus stop information for your student by following the directions below.

When you access the link you will use the Student ID as their “User Name” and “Password.” If you do not know your child’s student ID please call their school. You can then view your student’s bus stop information by clicking on the ‘Work with Students’ link, then ‘View My Students’ link. Then just click on your student to view their bus stop information.

If no route information is available, that means that there is no bus assigned for that student. You should then contact the Transportation Office at and let us know your students name, grade, home address, pickup address and drop-off address.

Be aware that bus stop times will change throughout the year, especially the first few weeks of school due to traffic patterns and students being added to bus routes. Check daily the first two weeks of school for updated information, then periodically for any changes throughout the year!

The Bus Routing link below will take you to the website that will provide route information.

For information, or questions about bus routes or school boundaries, please contact the Transportation Department at 812-542-4707, or email

Understanding School Bus Laws

Eric Reid,
Director of Transportation