Consolidated School Corporation

Teaching & Learning

The New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation is committed to offering a diverse curriculum designed to meet the needs of all children within the school community. Students are held accountable for acquiring a basic foundational pool of knowledge and demonstrating that knowledge through classroom opportunities as well as through a wide variety of assessment tools and application-based strategies. Instructional staff members are trained in the best practice research and emerging national trends in curriculum, teaching strategies, and assessment.

The New Albany Floyd Schools have implemented brain-compatible learning, serving as an umbrella covering the following areas: authentic learning and assessment; integrated thematic instruction; life skills; multicultural diversity; developmentally appropriate practices and learning styles.

Tony Duffy is serving as Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education and Title 1. His responsibilities include working with the nine elementary principals to ensure high levels of academic achievement of all students. Tony leads elementary curricular and instructional initiatives, plans and conducts professional development activities, and collaborates with Title I administration to plan and execute successful programming in the elementary schools with the highest concentration of poverty in the district.

Tony received his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Indiana University Southeast. He obtained 30 credit hours above a Masters concentrating these studies in administration and leadership.

Tony’s background includes teaching grades four thru six for 10 years, as well as serving in administration as an intern, assistant principal, and principal for 18 years.

Professional honors include a school visit from President George W. Bush while serving as a principal at Silver Street Elementary in 2007. He has participated in the Indiana Principal’s Leadership Academy, Center for Educational Leadership, and IN School Safety Specialists Training.

Tony Duffy,
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education/Title I

As the corporation testing coordinator, Sally’s primary responsibility is the administration of the ISTEP+ testing program. This includes the ISTEP+ testing program in grades 3-8 and 10 as well as the ISTEP+ Graduation Exams in Algebra I and English. In addition to this role, Sally is responsible for our student information system and Indiana state reporting. Additionally, Sally works with teaching staff in the development of the district’s Common Formative Assessments (CFAs). CFAs are the essential component used in the SYSTEM to SYSTEM collaborative discussions of student achievement data with teachers and administration.

Sally earned a B.S. in Secondary Education (mathematics major) from Indiana University Southeast as well as an M.S. in Secondary Education. Sally received additional training in database administration and computer programming.

Before coming to New Albany Floyd County, Sally taught mathematics at Salem High School. She then taught mathematics and computer programming at New Albany High School for 20 years. Sally also served as the district’s secondary math curriculum chair for ten years. One of the strategic goals of the school corporation is to make information more accessible to students, staff, parents. Sally’s extensive training in database development and administration allows our staff to incorporate data driven decision making for our students’ academic achievement.

Sally Jensen,
Director of Assessment and Student Information

Michelle Ginkins is the Principal of New Albany High School, home of the Bulldogs.  New Albany is the oldest public high school in Indiana, opened in 1853.  Dr. Ginkins is the 14th Principal of the school.  Enrollment is just under 2,000, making NAHS one of the largest high schools in the state.

Dr. Ginkins earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Indiana University Southeast and her Doctorate degree from Indiana State University.  She is licensed to teach secondary mathematics in Indiana and holds an Administrator’s license in Indiana.

Her career has been at New Albany High School, Math Teacher 2004-2009; Dean of Students 2010-2011; Assistant Principal for Student Development 2011-2015; Assistant Principal for Staff Development 2015-2016.

Dr. Michelle Ginkins,
Principal of New Albany High School

Dr. Kyle Lanoue oversees the Prosser Career Education Center and CTE District #45. This includes management of Prosser’s multimillion-dollar budget that includes numerous grants. He is also responsible for the development of cutting-edge CTE programs for the students of CTE district #45. A graduate of Rensselaer Central High School and Indiana State University, Kyle taught Technology and Engineering Education at the High School Level as well as at the College of Education and College of Technology located at Indiana State University. During his time at Indiana State University, Kyle completed his Doctoral work in Educational Leadership and Supervision in 2008.

During his years of service, he has been a teacher, coach, professor, and building-level administrator. His experience in education spans more than twenty years and covers working as a teacher and leader at all levels of education, PK-Graduate School. Kyle began his administrative career in 2008 as a building-level leader at Hazelwood Middle School before becoming a principal at Pine View Elementary, Grant Line Elementary, and S. Ellen Jones Elementary. Kyle’s longest tenure was spent at Grant Line Elementary from 2010-2019.

Named a Lilly Fellow in 2012, Kyle has many professional honors that include being named Rookie Teacher of the Year and Grant Line Elementary being named a Model Professional Learning Community.

Kyle and his wife have three children and live in Floyd County.

Dr. Kyle Lanoue,
Director of Career and Technical Education

Prosser Career Education Center