Consolidated School Corporation


At the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation, safety is foremost, and communication is essential. Each school year students receive instruction on our emergency procedures and participate in disaster drills.

We are constantly seeking ways to increase the level of safety and communication for students and parents. Our phone and text alert systems have the ability to call or text all parents and staff members, informing them of safety issues and concerns. When school is canceled for any reason, all parents and staff members will be phoned. Please, make sure that each school has an accurate, updated phone number(s). Also, we will post all safety/emergency information on our web site. Parents may look at our home page, “School Status”, to see if school is closed or open. Students or parents may also share, (anonymously), safety information with school officials by clicking on the “Anonymous Alert” icon on this website.

If during the school day and/or at dismissal time, school officials determine that students are in a safer environment at school, no student will be dismissed from school unless a parent (or emergency contact) designated on the Student Enrollment Card which you filled out during registration at the beginning of the school year) comes for him/her. Regular bus transportation will be provided when it is determined that students may leave school safely. Furthermore, students driving cars to school will not be released unless permission to do so is received from the principal, or it is determined that it is safe to dismiss students. In the event that major damage prevents school buses from running, no student will be dismissed until the parent or designated contact person comes for him/her.

We are prepared to care for your children in times of critical situations. If you are not able to reach the school, please know that teachers and school administrators will care for your child at his/her school. We have a number of employees certified in first-aid training, and we will also be in communication with various local emergency services. We ask for your help in the following areas:

  1. Please do not call the school. The lines must be open for emergency calls.
  2. Following an emergency, do not immediately drive to the school. The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.
  3. Visit our web site for the latest information or tune your radio to WNAS (88.1 FM) or WHAS (840 AM). Information and directions will be given over the radio if possible.
  4. Have your phones on for messages from school officials. We will call you with accurate, updated information.

We appreciate your shared interest in this matter and others in which the students’ safety is our primary concern. Please call 812-542-2178 or email if you have any safety issues or questions.