Consolidated School Corporation

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is committed to removing barriers to learning and to promote the total well-being of students. The department provides wrap-around services, school psychology services, special education preschool, nursing, social services, and special education.

Director, Student Support Services

Michele Ferree

2801 Grant Line Rd.
New Albany, IN 47150

Assistive Technology Team

New Albany Floyd County School Corporation has a team of individuals who work closely with students, parents, and teachers to enhance the student’s independence in the school setting. The team works collaboratively to select, design, fit customize, adapt, apply and maintain assistive technology devices. Members of the team have varied backgrounds and hold licenses in teaching, speech-language pathology, occupation therapy, and physical therapy. Assistive Technology Coordinator Dodie Lacey Office (812) 542-5506 Fax (812) 542-4788

Assistive Technology Links

PATINS Project – The PATINS Project is an Indiana Department of Education Assistive Technology systems change initiative. The project is made up of five regional sites.

Autism Team

The New Albany Floyd County Autism Team is a resource for parents and teachers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The multidisciplinary team is made up of New Albany Floyd County teachers, therapists, and psychologists who have experience and training in the area of Autism. The goal of New Albany Floyd County is to educate, facilitate, and empower parents and staff as they help children with ASD achieve their highest educational potential. For more information, please contact Cindy Knight, New Albany Floyd County Autism Consultant at 812-542-2168 or by e-mail at

Child Services

Destruction of Records

otice of Destruction of Special Education Records In accordance with Public Law 105-17 and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation, Department of Student Support Services will destroy special education records that are no longer needed for the provision of special education. Specifically selected records of former special education students, those referred for evaluation or those who have exited the program (5 years ago) will be destroyed. The school corporation will maintain only directory information including the students, name, last known address and phone number, classes attended, attendance record, grade completed and year completed. Records with will be destroyed include test protocols and written reports, individualized education plans, individualized transition plans, and other educational documents relevant to providing the student a free appropriate public education during the time the student attended school. Please note that some information to be destroyed may be needed by the student in order to substantiate claims for social security and other benefits. All former students or legal guardians of former students who meet the age criteria noted above and who participated in special education programs in Floyd County who would like to retain these educational records should contact the office of Student Support Services at 812-542-2168 prior to the 5 year deadline.

High Ability Education

As guided by the Indiana Department of Education, the New Albany Floyd County Schools uses CogAT, a culturally unbiased, pictorial-based aptitude measure as a universal screener as part of its high ability identification/placement. Additionally, the IOWA Test and the Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis assessment are used as an achievement measure in the high ability identification process. These assessments are administered by licensed school personnel during the regular school day.

The results of these assessments will be used in conjunction with your child’s daily classroom performance and other assessments regularly administered by NAFCS to assist in providing an educational placement and experiences that best meet your child’s academic needs.  New Albany Floyd County Schools has two programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our young high ability students. The high ability program at Floyds Knobs Elementary, Grant Line Elementary, and Mt. Tabor Elementary begin in third grade. Students throughout the district are recommended for this program based on the aforementioned assessment results.

NAFCS has many opportunities for the high ability learner – from kindergarten through grade 12. We offer programs and curricular opportunities that provide for high-level experiences in many areas, so that the individual needs of the high ability learner can be met.

Parents Rights and Procedural Safegaurds

Notice of Procedural Safeguards and Parent Rights