High Ability Education

As guided by the Indiana Department of Education, the New Albany Floyd County Schools uses CogAT, a culturally unbiased, pictorial-based aptitude measure as a universal screener as part of its high ability identification/placement.  Additionally, the IOWA Test and the Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis assessment are used as an achievement measure in the high ability identification process.  These assessments are administered by licensed school personnel during the regular school day.

The results of these assessments will be used in conjunction with your child’s daily classroom performance and other assessments regularly administered by NAFCS to assist in providing an educational placement and experiences that best meet your child’s academic needs.  New Albany Floyd County Schools has two programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our young high ability students.  The high ability program at Floyds Knobs and Mt. Tabor begins at grade 3 – students from all over the district are recommended for this program based on the fore-mentioned assessment results.

New Albany Floyd County Schools has MANY opportunities for the high ability learner – from K through grade 12.  The programs and curricular opportunities that we offer provide for high level experiences in many areas so that the individual needs of the high ability learner can be met.