Consolidated School Corporation

Request for Proposals: eRate

February 2, 2023 @ 11:00 am America/Indiana/Indianapolis Timezone

New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation (“Applicant”) is seeking sealed bids for a project to supply wireless networking equipment, network switching equipment, and structured cabling at its eligible locations. Bidders are advised that this project will be contingent upon the successful obtaining of Category 2 E-Rate funding, and the contract agreement between the district and the successful bidder must recognize that contingency.

The New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation seeks an agreement that allows it to work with the selected vendor to adjust quantities and/or scale back or cancel the project entirely as needed based upon funding availability and/or the best interests of the New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation.

All cost proposals must reflect the LCP (Lowest Corresponding Price), GSA pricing, and any available governmental unit discounts including existing state purchasing agreements or contracts. Any proposal referencing an existing state purchasing agreement or contract must include that information in the proposal. Bid prices must be complete for the services proposed and shall include all associated costs, even if the amounts are estimates based upon current applicable taxes, surcharges, or fees. Applicant requires that the selected vendor be willing to utilize the E-Rate SPI form of invoicing (discounted invoices).

For any questions email to Bill Hamby,

Read full RFP here.