Consolidated School Corporation

COVID-19 Update

Updated: NAFCS Letter to Parents

eLearning/Non-Traditional Instruction

For more information on COVID-19, CLICK HERE.

Continuous Learning Plan

Resources and Activities

It can be difficult for young children to understand why they can’t go to school right now. We’ve got a free e-book that can help give your child peace of mind. Click here to download.

If your child is displaying challenging behaviors during quarantine, our psychology team is here to help! Click here to download their tips and recommendations for helping your child cope.

It’s also possible that your child may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or overstimulated. If so, the Virtual Calm Room may help. Click here to visit.

To help pass the time during quarantine, work with your child to compile a COVID-19 Time Capsule! Not only will this be a fun project for your child, but it will also preserve memories from their point of view during this time. Click here to download.

Food Services

UPDATE - JUNE 1 -Emergency Meal Announcement


If you are experiencing technological difficulties on your school-issued device, please call 812-542-4700 and select Option 1 to leave a message.  Support staff will respond during normal business hours.  Click here to submit a technology request.  Student device repair/swaps will occur at the Education Support Center, 2801 Grant Line Road, New Albany, Mon-Thu, 11am-1pm by appointment (make phone or electronic request, confirmed by call-back).

Additional Family Resources

The Indiana Department of Education has many resources available to families, including tips on how to talk about COVID-19 to young children, how to get access to free/discounted internet and more. Click HERE for more details.

COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Germs

Teaching Resources

Teachers— check out this helpful article from Edutopia about how to shift to online teaching.