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September 18th, 2014

Administrative Phone Numbers

Superintendent, Dr. Bruce Hibbard, 812-542-2102

Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Bradley J. Snyder, 812-542-2104

Assistant to the Superintendent for Administration and Operations, Bill Briscoe, 812-542-2106

Chief Business Officer, Fred McWhorter II, 812-542-2129

Director of Elementary Education/Title I, Tony Duffy, 812-542-2142

Director of Middle School Education, Dr. Rhonda Roos, 812-542-2141

Director of High School Education, Dr. Louis Jensen, 812-542-2113

Director of Assessment and Student Information, Sally Jensen, 812-542-2142

Director of Student Support Services, Michele Ferree, 812-542-2168

Director of Student Programs and Cultural Responsiveness, Sharon Jones, 812-542-2111

Director of Career and Technical Education, Alan Taylor, 812-542-8508

Director of Technology and Instructional Resources, Sal Costanzo, 812-542-4700

Director of Facilities, Bill Wiseheart, 812-542-2178

Director of Transportation, Danny Libs, 812-542-4707

Director of Food Services, Pam Casey, 812-542-4703

Building Addresses & Principals

School Telephone Numbers