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Changes to Return to School Plan

Please read below for the latest update from Superintendent Brad Snyder.

September 28, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The first few weeks of our unprecedented pandemic journey have been difficult for everyone.  However, we have had a good start and our plan has successfully avoided school closings and other disruptions.  We will keep moving forward with rational planning and sound execution.  On behalf of the School Trustees, I sincerely appreciate your sacrifice during these extraordinarily difficult times.  Thank you for all you have done!

As we continue to work through the Pandemic, we are announcing modifications to our plan as we look ahead to the 2nd 9 weeks (October 19 – December 18).  Below are the highlights:

Grades K – 6

  •  We will continue everyday instruction with the exception of 4 embedded virtual days scheduled for 10/28, 11/11, 11/18, & 12/9.  
    • These virtual days will not apply to NAFCS preschool programs. 
  • All staff will report to their assigned building for K-6 parent–teacher conferences scheduled for 11/3.  
  • The preferred method of communication for these conferences will be telephone or tele-conferencing (Google Meet).   However, face-to-face accommodations will be allowed for special situations. 

Grades 7 – 12 

  • We will continue with the A/B schedule through the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.  There will not be an all virtual day during the week of November 2 due to election day (non-student instruction day).
  • Students enrolled in the intense intervention program will attend in-person every day with the exception of virtual days on 10/28, 11/11, 11/18, & 12/9.
  • Prosser will not follow the K-6 virtual day schedule. Please see the Prosser calendar included with this letter.
  • We will begin encouraging some students (academically struggling, limited technology, special interventions, etc.) to attend school 4 days per week. We have moderate social distancing capacity available and will gradually increase our in-person student population. 
  • We will work with high school recruiters (armed forces and colleges) to find appropriate ways to safely share information. 
  • We will work with our fine arts teachers to showcase student talent.  We will ask our teachers to work with their principal and develop opportunities to display student progress within the confines of social distancing and public health mitigation.
  • We will have significantly reduced spectator seating for all indoor winter sports and fine arts events.
  • We will make a 3rd quarter decision (January 5 – March 12) as we approach the end of 2020.

Additional 2nd 9 weeks adjustments

  • We will gradually re-open the use of our schools’ facilities to outside organizations after the conclusion of the school day.   
    • We will require those organizers to submit detailed mitigation plans to be approved by the School Administration and Health Department in advance.  All plans must provide specific Covid mitigation measures – i.e. face masks, limited attendance requirements, social distancing, etc.  
    • If Covid cases increase, we will restrict.
  • The Indiana face mask mandate will remain until at least October 17.
  • We encourage everyone to get a flu vaccine. 
  • This year, if we have a snow day, we may use e-Learning in lieu of making up the day at a later time.  
    • We are working on developing procedures and protocols with the Teachers Association, to be followed, if and when, needed.

Disclaimer:  The above plan is what we “hope” our 2nd 9 weeks will look like.  However, the Covid-19 virus remains the ultimate driver.  As Covid cases change within our community, we will react accordingly.

We appreciate the exceptional mitigation work everyone has done.  We will continue to monitor, assess and make policy adjustments based upon the conditions presented by the virus.  We will continue to focus on the public health needs on behalf of our students, staff and community.

Be kind and stay healthy.


Dr. Brad Snyder

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