Consolidated School Corporation

NAFCS Launches 1:1 Initiative

The New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. will provide an electronic device to each student in kindergarten through 12th grade to use during the school year, thanks to federal CARES Act dollars.

The additional technology will allow full access to eLearning, if eLearning days are needed in the future.

“The CARES funding was launched due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The money is to be spent on things that will help schools in the event of another closure,” said Assistant Superintendent Steve Griffin. “We have decided to purchase devices for each of our students, so that in the event of a closure we can continue on with our planned learning.”

The new technology will be utilized in the classroom as well. Some students will take their devices home regularly, while others will only be sent home if it is expected school may be canceled.

The devices will be purchased this summer and be ready for the start of school in July.

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