Consolidated School Corporation

FCEBL 2019 Holiday Camp

Over the holiday break, FCEBL hosted a Holiday Camp for second through fourth-grade students at NAFCS.

Students got the chance to practice drills, game-play contests, skill-oriented stations, and more!

Hotshot Champions! Second grade: Nathan Laritz (Georgetown), Third grade: Brady Witten (Floyds Knobs), Fourth grade: Connor Carr (Greenville)

Dribble Tag Champions! Second grade: Finnian Graf (Georgetown), Third grade: Olivia Stackhouse (Floyds Knobs), Fourth grade: Brigham Peak (Floyds Knobs)

Knockout Shoot Champions! Second grade: Grayson Hogan (Grant Line), Third grade: Brady Witten (Floyds Knobs), Fourth grade: Brigham Peak (Floyds Knobs)

Second and Third Grade Tournament Champions! Riley Belden, Mount Tabor – Nathan Byrd, Mount Tabor – Sophia Finn, Floyds Knobs – Grayson Hogan, Grant Line – Emma Hoskins, Floyds Knobs – Briar Witten, Floyds Knobs

Four Grade Tournament Champions! Kelton Granholm, Greenville – Lyla Jenks, Floyds Knobs – Isaac MacArthur, Floyds Knobs

As a special treat, the kids also got to listen to guest speakers in the NAFCS community. New Albany Police Officer Travis Nelson, and school resource officer at New Albany High School visited with students. On Friday, Floyd Central High School student, Jake Heidbreder, was a guest speaker who emphasized the importance of dedication and hard work. What a great way to create role models and engagement throughout the school corporation!

Thank you to FCEBL for the photos, and for providing names of each child!

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