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NAHS Teacher Nominated for AP-TIP Award

Congratulations to NAHS Chemistry teacher, Clark Mumaw! He was nominated for the Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program‘s (AP-TIP) Science Teacher of the Year Award for his students’ success in 2017-18.

AP-TIP recognizes teacher successes in increasing enrollment in their courses, and increasing qualifying scores of 3, 4, and 5 on AP Exams. He was one of 3 teachers nominated out of 37 science teachers in AP-TIP cohorts 4 and 5.

The University of Notre Dame funds the AP-TIP program and provides professional development to teachers in AP Science, Math and English. New Albany High School is one of 9 schools chosen to participate in cohort 5 of the two-year program.

NAHS Pierce Mumaw Nominated for AP-TIP Award

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