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Education Foundation

September 18th, 2014

The New Albany Floyd County Education Foundation is a non-profit, 501-c3 organization founded in 2004 by leaders in our community as a resource to supplement and/or pay for additional education programs that improve student performance but are not funded by The State of Indiana or the federal government.

The New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation is good, but it can improve. By working together, we have the potential to make it better.

The purpose of our Foundation is to increase awareness of the needs of, and the benefits of giving, to the School System and to help everyone do a more efficient job of fund development.

Learn about our goals

In several years since the Foundation began, much has been accomplished:

    1. Funded the Junior Achievement experience for all 5th and 8th grade students in all our schools to teach financial literacy, leadership and community involvement.
    2. Partnered with the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County on the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library project getting free books to every child between the ages of birth to five so they will come to school excited about and ready to read.
    3. Provided 3 years of funding so that full-day Kindergarten is free to every child whose parent wants it.
    4. Provided support for Mentor Mii project to help recruit mentors to help children succeed.
    5. In December, we kicked off Great Classroom Grants so teachers and staff could get the creative resources they need to do great work in classrooms in our schools.
    6. We also started the Grateful Hearts Project so the community would have a way to great teachers and staff who shape the lives of our children. In order for the Foundation to succeed and have resources needed, community support is critical.

Please visit our web site.

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